Focused on designing functional bags and accessories for women, Corn flower Color
Spacious and  Meant to create unconscious utility for the modern woman
Two ways to wear, features a modular concept to create a bag-in-bag concept



The HEDY EVERYDAY TOTE in Corn Flower presents a fusion of style and functionality for the modern woman on the go. Crafted from premium leather, this tote boasts a spacious interior designed to accommodate the myriad necessities of daily life. Its thoughtful design, featuring multiple compartments, ensures effortless organization, allowing for seamless transitions between work, errands, and leisure activities. Whether worn over the shoulder or carried by hand, its versatile nature offers two distinct yet equally chic looks, adapting effortlessly to various occasions.

More than just a fashion accessory, the HEDY EVERYDAY TOTE embodies a commitment to empowering women and fostering community impact. With a focus on practicality and conscious design, this tote integrates a modular concept, enabling a bag-in-bag configuration tailored to individual needs. Through the #YouAreTreasured social impact program, the brand pledges to fund one million days of school for girls, embodying its ethos of empowerment and support. Elevating both style and purpose, the HEDY EVERYDAY TOTE emerges as a symbol of practical luxury, enriching the lives of women while making a meaningful difference in communities worldwide.